Our company was founded in 1980 as a small workshop for the production of items for cages. Over the years we have added increasingly technologically advanced and automated machinery, and primarily our experience has now become established principally in the wire manufacturing sector.

Today we have a large production area at our disposal with automated machinery and personnel with over ten years of experience. In addition to this is our professional approach in seeking to offer our clients thoroughly controlled products, punctual deliveries and the readiness to adapt to requirements.

We supply products to European leaders of articles for animals and have the capacity to fill both small and large orders, assuring clients of a relationship built on loyalty.


We are able to provide a variety of grid sizes, from small to medium, with various types of finishes and a selection of folded inserts.
A production design in 2D and 3D is also available for clients requiring specific bends.

Our projects can also be developed three-dimensionally, which grants our clients a realistic view of the article before submitting it for production and the opportunity to assess whether there are any corrections to be made to the product.

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We have an ISA 3D automated machine at our disposal for producing the grids, capable of fulfilling large orders.

All the folded inserts that can be added to the grids or produced in sets are produced by two completely automated machines, an electronic bending machine with two shafts and an eight-shafts mechanical bending machine.
Three hydropneumatic presses are used to bend the grids, combined with moulds which perform multiple operations in a single step.
We use quality wire at all times which is then straightened by machinery produced by leaders in the metal wire cutting and straightening sector.


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